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The data above identifies the most popular web pages accessed during the month of August 2006.  AlterWind report for  Additional, data is available upon request. 


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Recommended Ad Content:

Automobiles, Beverages, Cosmetics, Department Stores, Fashion, Feminine Hygiene, Hair Care,  Home Furnishings, Periodicals, Restaurants.


Marketing Audience:

Forward thinking hair care professionals and savvy consumers with interest in hair, fashion, cosmetics and self improvement. Primarily female age 15 to 40.


Page Traffic Statistics:

The Men's Hair Styles page is the 10th most viewed page at receiving over 4,800 unique visitors monthly (150 daily).


Web Page Intent:

The Men's Hair Styles page provides web links that access hundreds of photographs of men's hair styles.  This page is updated on a regular basis.


Web Site Intent: facilitates the coupling of consumers with hair care services, hair care products and hair care/styling  information.  The site is updated daily.

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