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Care of Natural Hair     Submitted: 05 Apr 2007 04:56 pm

GoldenLady:  After 7 years of braids (extensions) and wigs, my hair is now totally natural (shoulder length). I want to wear it "out" but my main problem is that the SLIGHTEST bit of humidity make it shrink! Any suggestions would be gratefully received!
Many thanks and Happy Easter!
Submitted: 05 Apr 2007 04:56 pm
Lady De:  It is hard to suggest to you something to use for your hair. I understand what you are saying about going out in the wind. My first suggestion is to apply a moisturizer and a light holding spray. Before you use these two together make sure that the first ingredient in the moisturizer is not water or it will defeat the purpose. I use the Olive Oil line because it is more natural. But go to your local hair supply store and tell them your situation ask for recommendations. If possible, ask if sample packets to try several and find the one that suits you best.  Good luck!!




Drink That Water!!     Submitted: 07 Mar 2007 06:10 pm

Just a reminder, the season is about to change. It's getting hot out there. Drink that water, it will help keep your hair healthy and help to alleviate some of that dryness.
So Drink UP!!    
Lady De

Submitted: 07 Mar 2007 06:10 pm



HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     Submitted: 01 Sep 2006 08:03 pm
blakistan85: Ok so here goes- my problem is breakage.... I've been told by the lady that used to do my hair and by a derm that that if a person uses a straightening comb for a long period of time me) that the hair can loose elasticity and break... which is basically what my hair has been doing-not exactly breaking off per se but thinning, so instead of me having an extremely thick head of long hair (24 inches from neck natural) i have an extremely long head of semi thick hair... i realize that I shouldn't complain cause i still have thickish long hair but for a person who never had a hair come out until now ( I'm 21) it is devastating... so getting to the point i realize going natural will help my hair to repair it self and so forth... but i have wild hair that is mostly bushy with annoying patches of straight and curly and is HARD to manage( i cant really comb it too much due to breakage) so i tried keracare detangling shampoo which is maintains length and makes my hair easier to deal with while natural but... the problem is that it looks thin...(which is NOT ok for a person used to thickness) does anyone know of something i can use to make my hair after putting in a detangling shampoo???? sorry so long. THANKS for the help.
Submitted: 01 Sep 2006 08:03 pm
Lady De:  I read an article on Pastor Juanita Bynaum who experienced hair loss and breakage. She used olive oil nightly and rinsed it out each morning. If you're not allergic, do you think this is something you may want to try?



Wave Nouveau     Submitted: 03 Jan 2006 09:21 pm

WaveyGirl:  Hey out there. I got a Wave Nouveau about two months ago. Some times a like it and some times I hate it. The problem is my hair is shedding like crazy (thankfully I haven't noticed any bald spots, but still lots of shedding). I would love to be able to eliminate the shedding as much as possible. Any suggestions? Also I am not sure what shampoo and conditioner to use. I am currently using Optimum Care. Any other suggestions?

Submitted: 03 Jan 2006 09:21 pm    

Lady De:  Hey Girl; Been there, done that!! I had the love/hate relationship as well. I loved it after my retouch and hated it after six to eight weeks but I had to wait three months between each re-touch. I found that a wave requires moisture. I tried Soft Sheen Carson's Wave Nouveau "Daily Humectant" moisturizing lotion from the beauty supply store. It worked for me because it wasn't very oily and I could really style my hair. I no longer have the wave, which by the way grew my hair, but I still use the product. My hair shed some as well, I later realized it was too dry on the ends and began applying moisturizer to my ends as well.


Should I braid relaxed hair for swimming?     Submitted: 07-17-01, 5:46 PM
Malika:  I have relaxed hair and I am about to go to the Caribbean on vacation for 1 week. I am thinking of having my hair braided so that I would not have to style it every morning. However, I also plan to spend a lot of time swimming. Is braiding recommended? If so, how should I take care of my hair after swimming? If you don't recommend braiding, how should I take care of my relaxed hair after swimming?
Submitted: 07-17-01, 5:46 PM
Lady De:   Lady De and her two daughters swim all summer long!  (Well, the girls swim, Lady De sort of just floats along!!)  My girls love having their hair braided during this time, so the fuss of styling each day is gone. All three of us have perms.  Since I braid their hair myself, I am careful not to braid so tight that I pull their brains out, which we all know is frequently done.  I don't like strained, tight and consistent pulling on permed hair!  The hair is already in a fragile enough state.  I do recommend a professional if you are going to wear braids on vacation, as you'll want them pretty the whole time.  Tell them what you're after, then sit back and clench your teeth if your scalp is as tender as mine! Girl, swim to your hearts desire while you're gone.  Just be sure to use a anti-chlorine shampoo and good conditioner whenever you're finished for the day.  Lady De recommends "ion Anti-Chlorine Swimmer's Shampoo". Follow the directions on the label.  Hope it's available in your area, if not, ask a reputable beauty supply store for a substitute.  Just be sure it removes chlorine from the hair and nothing else!  This works great for me and mine, so I hope it will be just as great for you.  You can also wash your hair while your braids are in of course.  Ask your stylist how best to do this.  Be sure to use a good anti-chlorine shampoo first.  My girls and I often follow this shampooing with a good moisturizing shampoo, then an excellent conditioner.  Their are lots of different brands available.  I caution you to use the anti-chlorine shampoo whenever swimming is over for that day.  We simply cannot go to bed with chlorine in our permed hair!  I am not telling you anything I have not tried on myself and my girls.  Our hair grows with swimming, so we know this works.  Good luck, have great fun, and do everything I wouldn't do, plus some!!! 

Is frequent hair style change bad for my hair?
Leshen:  I tend to change my hairstyle a lot because I use to be a stylist my self. Is this a good thing to do? I am not ashamed of wearing weave or anything because I am capable of growing my hair very long but I cut it because I like change. I usually change styles about every two weeks . I don't do any drastic changes like black to platinum or anything like that just something like wavy to straight and short to long or medium.
Submitted: 07-16-01, 3:10 PM
Lady De:   I'm quite sure as a stylist you know the answer to your question. Changing styles isn't a bad thing.  Lady De does it all the time.  I am also not ashamed of wearing my weave, hot curling my hair, wearing it straight, wavy or even very curly.  Right now it is just lightly fluffed. I love the way black hair care has evolved into a area where we can enjoy being who we are. It is fun, and that is what you should do is enjoy your hair.  I do. Remember, too much anything can be damaging to your hair.  That is, coloring your hair when you know you permed it recently.  Putting too much gel in your hair when you know your hair can't hold that weight.  Putting a curl in your hair when you just permed it or colored it.  These are things that are damaging because some changes should be gradual.  Other than watching what you do and when you do it, keep your hair conditioned, clean and girlfriend enjoy your look!! (smile).

What can I do about hair loss after braids?
Ralbert:  I had my hair in braids for 2 years then about 8 months agon I went to a "professional" for a relaxer well needless to say the left side and back started to fell out. I was so desperate I got extensions. I don't know what to do next. I can't afford getting it braided every two months for much longer. HELP!
Submitted: 07-15-01, 2:50 PM
Lady De:   No bad news is easy to say.  Sometimes it's best to just start over.  If your hair is uneven, check out the hair styles on our web site.  Pick you something that  you would enjoy and have your stylist trim your hair to fit the style you select.  Afterwards, condition your hair, watch your relaxer treatments.  Don't be so quick to get the next one and when you do get a gentle relaxer.  Ask your stylist not to leave your relaxer in until your hair gets very straight.  Maybe these suggestions will help.  Another thing, the hair needs to breathe just as you do, right now may not be a good time to wear extensions.  Good Luck.

What can I do to stop the breakage and thinning?
Obiomandubizu:  My hair is breaking too much and thinning out also. What can I do to stop the breakage and thinning?
Submitted: 07-12-01, 9:29 AM
Lady De:   The first thing you must do, if you haven't done so already, is to get yourself to a professional who can actually see your hair and assess the problem.  Most of us have problems with breaking  and/or thinning hair at some point in our lives, due to a variety of  possible causes.  Heredity is the greatest factor in determining our  hair type.  Does this hair problem occur in other family  members?  Are you stressed out?  Are you taking a particular  medication that could be causing the problems?  Sometimes we  have to get to the "root" of the problem, before we find the cure.  Sometimes illness can be a major contributing factor in hair loss.  As you can see, without being able to see your hair it is difficult to  help, but I'll try, just in case consulting a professional is not  feasible right now.  Keep your hair washed and conditioned at least  once a week.  Do not apply too much tension when washing your  hair, instead massage gently.  Use a good protein shampoo and  conditioner that also contain strengthening agents, but be careful  not to over condition.  I hate to sound like a broken record, but this  is again where the professional comes in.  There are plenty of  products available.  Seek advice on some of these products at a  beauty and barber supply store if you are unable to get to a stylist.  Stay away from harsh, hot blow dryers, hot combs, and curling  irons if you can.  These will only further damage the hair.  Oil your  scalp if you must, but please use something light.  You must keep  your hair trimmed, at least every two months to prevent split ends.  As we all know, split ends cause the hair to become weaker and it  will break if left in this state.  Be as gentle to your hair as you can  right now.  Also, one more very important thing: Be good to your  entire body!  Eat well balanced meals and try to exercise as often  as you can.  Good luck and let me know how you make out!

What product should I use on dry and frizzy hair?
Lady De:   I cannot tell you which product to use on your hair because we all have different textures. Take for instance, my hair is thin and fragile, at the roots it is wavy (no not nappy-smile). It took me a long time to find the product(s) that are right for me. My favorite is Dudley and the second is Infusium. However, I have friends that use other products. Talk with friends about their hair. My girlfriend and I will go to a hair care store and purchase samples. Some things I liked and some she liked.  But we enjoyed shopping for the products and exchanging stories about the effect on our hair.  At the end, I knew which hair oils, setting lotions, spritz, shampoos and conditions work best for my hair.

Where might I find tips on wrapping my hair?
Brainchick:  Okay, I was informed by all the stylists I've had on my relaxed, mid-length hair that I need to wrap it. I took their advice and invested in a hooded dryer at home, and I try to wrap it after I wash and dry my hair. The problem is that I'm not all that good, and after I try to take the wrap out my hair is poofy instead of smoother. I am loosing it with Alternatives oil sheen and wrapping it with Wrapping Lotion, so what should I fix. Also, where might I find tips on wrapping my hair? All the magazines and such assume I already know how. Thanks!
Submitted: 07-11-01, 10:17 PM
Lady De:   You need a patient stylist who will take a few minutes to make sure you have the fundamentals down pact on how to wrap your hair.  I speak from experience.  The same thing happened to me.  I promise you that all it takes is someone who is willing to make sure you are wrapping your hair correctly, and who will let you demonstrate back to them before leaving the salon.  Wrapping is tricky to explain in an e-mail, but make sure you wrap your hair immediately after washing and applying the wrapping lotion, (not after washing and drying as your e-mail states, girlfriend!).  Wrap all the hair in the same direction, starting at the front, (closest to the forehead), and ending at the crown, (the top of your head).  Make sure that your hair is completely dry before taking it down.  It seemed as though it always took mine forever to dry.  This might account for the poofiness!  Good luck!! 

Can I add curly perm to relaxed hair?
Raine:  I relax my hair but I want a curly perm put in...what do you recommend? I know that if you relax you shouldn't put in a curly perm because your hair will fall out but when I was in high school I relaxed my hair and then about a month later got a curl put in it and nothing it safe to do it again? 
11 Jul 2001 21:03
Lady De:  It's all about healthy hair. My recommendation is to pay someone to put in the same type of curls you'd get with the curly perm until your hair grows out at least to some degree of the relaxer. This way you shouldn't lose any hair and it will remain beautiful and healthy. I don't know how old you are but with age comes a lot of changes including the hair. There are so many products on the market now that will substitute for the actual chemicals which can do damage to your hair. Caution in this area is a must. 

Can you air dry hair using the ponytail method?
Pebs_01:  Do you know how to air dry the hair using the ponytail method? I have heard that you hair could still come out straight drying your hair this way.
11 Jul 2001 9:05
Lady De:   I was informed that this can be done. However it depends on the hair, usually if the hair is thick you may need a little help with some setting lotion. But it is good to blow dry the end of the hair. Let me know how it comes out.

11 Jul 2001 8:00
Lady De:   Hi There, In the African-American world of hair, a perm is  known to straighten the hair. A perm gives us manageable hair as well as softens the hair. However, straightening the hair again is damaging. It is hard to tell you exactly what is wrong without knowing the texture of your hair. I always try to promote healthy hair. In that I say, find an stylist that will look at your hair, feel the texture of it, look at the new growth and tell you what type of perm will give you the look and feel you want. Some things are too much for your hair to handle. Keep It Healthy!

Valerie:  I have a perm on my hair and I really want to let it go back natural, is there anything I can to to get the perm off sooner besides cutting it off?
10 Jul 2001 21:03
Lady De:   Hmmm.  That's a tricky one girl.  I'm afraid there's not much else that I know of.  I always suggest consulting a professional stylist who can see your hair and advise from there.  If this is not possible, I would recommend wearing a flattering braided or 
cornrowed style to ease you back into your natural beauty.  If this 
is not an option, how about simply braiding or twisting your hair 
immediately after washing and conditioning, and allowing it to air 
dry?  You will need to use those tiny rubber bands or something 
similar on the ends to prevent the hair from coming loose.  Just 
remember to cut them off to prevent pulling the hair out.  Depending 
on your hair texture, this usually produces a cute crimped or waved 
style.  What about straw curls?  Is this an option for you?  It's still 
the rage here and it prevents those troubling roots from being seen. 
Ask your stylist about this style if you are not familiar with it.  My 
best solution right now is to find a style that will work for your 
personality as you ease into your new transition.  Remember, keep 
your ends trimmed at least every two months during the "de-
perming" process to maintain healthy hair.  Good luck on your trip 
back to naturalness my sista! 


How much do extensions cost?
Mandy:  I was wondering how much it would cost me to get extensions. 
30 Jun 2001 19:14
Lady De:  Always ask someone whom you see on the streets, in the Mall or at Church who did their extensions. Ask several people, look at the hair making sure you don't see strings of human hair sticking up. Remember, to get a great look you will pay about $100-$150 sometimes less, but it all depends on the style you select. Most hair stylists price their time on the length and thinness of the hair. In other words, the thicker the cheaper, the thinner the more expensive. I hope this helps. Let me know.

I need to learn how to corn row
Shelly:  I am hoping you guys will be my saving grace my name is Shelly and I have a step daughter who is African Canadian ( I am Indian from the country) I refuse to keep flat ironing her hair or hot combing it as I feel that she is just trying to assimilate herself with having straight hair as the norm I want her to understand that she can use her hair and have more styles I need to learn how to corn row braid can you help me?
12 Jun 2001 10:34
Lady De:  Corn rowing is very simple, but it takes practice. May I suggest taking your stepdaughter to a professional at first or a friend who can show you the ropes. If not, there are Braid magazines that will give you step by step guides to corn rowing. A magazine such as this has pictures and guides so you can't go wrong.