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The data above identifies the most popular web pages accessed during the seven day period of March 18th thru March 24th 2006.  SmarterStats report for  Additional, data is available upon request. 


Marketing Prospectus


Recommended Ad Content:

Automobiles, Beverages, Cosmetics, Department Stores, Fashion, Feminine Hygiene, Hair Care,  Home Furnishings, Periodicals, Restaurants.


Marketing Audience:

Forward thinking hair care professionals and savvy consumers with interest in hair, fashion, cosmetics and self improvement. Primarily female age 15 to 40.  Also some males age 15 to 35.


Page Traffic Statistics:

The Hair Stylist Locator page receives over 4,000 unique visitors monthly.


Web Page Intent:

The Hair Stylist Locator page is the gateway to our international database of stylists who provide black hair care.  The database is updated daily.


Web Site Intent: facilitates the coupling of consumers with hair care services, hair care products and hair care/styling  information.  The site is updated daily.

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