Clandestine Brothers - Part II

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Monday 7:30am

They had been hugged up together all night. The patter of raindrops on the roof giving audio to the visual remnants of Dom Peregnion turned upside down in a silver ice bucket and crumpled bed-clothing strewn on the floor. Curiosity got the best of her and she approached the window looking to the lake for the rain that spent the night serenading their passion. He joined her at the window as she questioned out loud, "I can't tell, is it still raining?"

 "Don't let the beauty of the lake distract you," he said while caressing her from behind and whispering in her ear . "Focus on that large puddle on the patio. Each drop that falls will create a distinctive ring. And that ring will entwine with the rings from other drops making together a unique pattern of identity.

 Then think of two drops brought together by the chance of nature and falling in the same spot. They'll make a larger more powerful ring moving of its on accord and in its own world oblivious to the existence of all others. Moments of magic and coincidence, like that, just happen and to be there to capture them gives you the surreal feeling that this life is too good. Well boo, I think that we're those drops and this is one of those moments."

 She turned her head around staring at him and remarking, "baby your vocal stylings are so smooth." Her eyes were glazed and what he saw as he stared into them stirred his deepest emotions. She looked back toward the window and leaned forward on the sill, arching her back, in an effort to point her protruding, quivering cheeks toward the sky.

 He grasped a hip in each hand when suddenly at that moment, a large raindrop plunged into the center of the puddle on the patio. Plunging deeply, it created an ever expanding ring that pushed against all known boundaries. A counter harmonic forced the ring back toward the center engulfing the drop while simultaneously meeting its other side, crossing over and then continuing to expanded outward then inward then outward in an increasingly rapid fashion.

 As rain drops turned to drops of sweat, "Stay in My Corner" played on the radio competing with the patter of rain and the howling of the accompanying wind. A great howling which seemed to say CLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE...

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